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Business leadership can be a lonely place. Amy Everette shares how she has experienced incredible breakthroughs and miracles through one simple change in her business:  Prayer.

As a leader have you ever considered bringing God into the company as a true partner?  Business owners often feel lonely and isolated.  Amy shares how Marketplace ROCK partners with leaders to bring God into the culture.  The results she has had with the companies she engages with are nothing short of miraculous.

The stewardship of your business extends well past your authority as the owner. – Amy Everette

You will Learn

  • How to partner with God
  • How to pray in the workplace
  • The power of prayer and its role in business
  • What is intercessory prayer and what this means to a business
  • What are the tough questions as a leader you need to ask yourself

We ask Amy about specific examples of what has happened with her clients and the results will encourage you immensely!


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As co-owner and Chief Prayer Officer of Marketplace ROCK, Amy Everette is dedicated to seeing people, businesses and whole industries transformed for the Kingdom of God, empowered to positively impact the world. She is a marketplace and ministry leader with a heart and passion for bringing God’s people together AS ONE, in the spirit, through prayer (John 17). Her business, ministry and personal life are interwoven with prayer and a desire to see people healed physically, spiritually and emotionally… setting them free to fulfill their destiny in God’s Kingdom.

In addition to her spiritual strength, Amy calls on 26+ years of experience in management consulting, call center operations, relationship management technology and sales/management skills training bringing a wealth of knowledge and guidance to business people in all industries. This experience is backed by an undergraduate business degree in marketing and an MBA.


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