Lance Wallnau | Unite Your Purpose With Your Plan – Part 2


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Clarity Is Power


Unite Purpose“Don’t focus on what you are trying to avoid, focus on where you want to go.” – Dr. Lance Wallnau

In the second part of this powerful interview with Lance Wallnau we continue the conversation on the keys discover who God created you to be and how to live out your purpose.

As Christians we have self-imposed roadblocks from our limiting beliefs, mindsets, and view of what our priorities “should’ be instead of being authentic with our true self that God created.  Lance discusses that God sees us as his beloved and how to partner with God to create velocity toward living life to the full in every season of life.

For what reason does God want us to discover and live out our calling?

“I believe in the world right now that nations are being shaped by the people that occupy the gates of influence. If we partner with God….we have the ability to disciple nations.” – Dr. Lance Wallnau

We’re called to be influencers in the culture we live in and not be influenced by the culture.

You will learn

  • Keys to gaining clarity on who you were created to be
  • How to shift your mindset and reframe your circumstances
  • How to move past fear of failure and fear of success!
  • The true role of leaders and what you can do today to dramatically increase influence
  • How to define what is happening and create powerful solutions
  • How to become a world changer!


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Lance’s messages … one that we both LOVE is Doing Business Supernaturally 101 and DBS 201.


LWDr. Lance Wallnau is a catalytic thought leader. An internationally recognized speaker and business consultant, he is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and the seven mountains. He delivers his message of transformation with relevance, wit, and intensity.

Lance has shared platforms with best-selling authors Ken Blanchard and John Maxwell, and lectured at universities from Harvard and M.I.T. to the London School of Theology.  Merging a thirty-year background consulting in business and the non-profit sector, Lance’s intuition inspires visions of tomorrow with the clarity of today—connecting ideas to action. His students represent a tapestry spanning nations and spheres: from CEO’s and HBO comedians, to professors and pastors, to one of Donald Trump’s winners of The Apprentice. Lance is dedicated to the task of meeting with principal leaders in key sectors to bring transformation to nations.

He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas with affiliate offices opening up in Europe and the Philippines. Lance sees patterns in the chaos and brings strategic focus for maximized outcomes. He believes that unprecedented economic, political, and social shaking will create extraordinary opportunities for leaders willing to climb to the top of their mountain, leverage the platform God has given them, and advance kingdom interests.

Academic attainments include a Doctorate in Ministry with a specialization in Marketplace from Phoenix University of Theology, and M.A. from South Western Theological Seminary where he also taught an as an adjunct professor. Wallnau serves actively on the Board of Directors for several progressive organizations.

Dr. Wallnau’s teachings help people to find clarity in their assignment, develop mastery in their field, step into convergence, and function within their passion. A frequent television guest and conference keynote speaker, today Lance has influenced thousands of leaders around the world.

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