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Help Others Get What They Want And You Will Achieve What You Want

Ignite (1) (1)“I’m a big proponent of ‘you have to believe to achieve.’ But there’s another part that people don’t say afterward: you have to apply to fly high. When you do those two things, you can do anything.” –Dean Patino

In this episode you will meet Dean Patino, an entrepreneur who has given back in a multitude of ways, including his podcast, “Fire Starters – Ignite Recurring Revenue Online.” You will hear how he has been blessed by being obedient to God’s calling to give back through volunteering and mentoring.

You will learn how you, too, can give back to others and find yourself receiving so much more than you have given. Dean shares his mentorship principles: staying positive, being grateful for what you have and helping others get what they want in life. He teaches that if you do these things, the blessings will come pouring into your own life!

“It doesn’t require a fortune to get started [in business] and so I’m not a proponent of taking out big loans to get started. It’s not necessary, especially in the online business world.” –Dean Patino

You Will Learn

  • How to keep a positive attitude even when times are tough
  • How to “pay it forward”
  • How to overcome fear as an entrepreneur
  • How to take the next steps in bringing your idea to life
  • How to get started without a lot of capital
  • How to believe and apply to make things happen for you



024f083Dean is the founder of Fire Starters Company, a place for new entrepreneurs to start & grow their businesses online fast by collaborating with industry experts in real-time.

His background as a 25+ year sales professional in the software industry and entrepreneur along with his passion to help others is a perfect combination to ignite new entrepreneurs businesses online fast!

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