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Designed For (1)“You came to the planet fully loaded with gifts and talents. They’re yours. God gave them to you. But they did not come batteries included. You’ve gotta open your gifts.” – Dondi Scumaci

Dondi Scumaci was a successful Vice President of a bank and in the banking industry for many years. But something was missing. She sensed that God was pushing her out of her comfort zone, and into the great unknown.

She left her secure, comfortable banking position and stepped into the unpredictable world of being a consultant. She knew that God was calling her to mentor, speak, and write; to help others in their journey to always be new.  Dondi was introduced to me as the female John C. Maxwell and she exceeded every expectation.

Taking this risk required a huge leap of faith and it enabled her to help others become who they envisioned they always could be. Dondi was able to share her personal experience of starting over, and challenge others to do the same – both in the workplace and in life – through innovative, strategic leadership.

“If you can vest yourself in someone, who knows what they’re gonna go do?” – Dondi Scumaci

You Will Learn

  • How to find your gifts
  • How to integrate your gifts
  • How to handle adversity and bring God into the process
  • How to help people move forward
  • How to be intentional with your strengths
  • How to socialize your plan
  • The process for changing how you are seen (your brand)
  • How to do a diagnostic on your brand
  • How to be prepared for any situation



dondi_homeDondi Scumaci is an international speaker, known for high-energy presentations that produce dramatic results. Scumaci’s keynotes and workshops are designed to deliver solid, actionable disciplines for employees, executives and entrepreneurs. Scumaci is a sought-after consultant for strategic design sessions, leadership retreats, professional conferences, and keynote presentations. Her dynamic presentations have made a proven, lasting impact on corporations across the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia and Africa.

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