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DefeatingThe (1)Jamie Gilbert grew up playing soccer in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Everything Jamie did in his life was for one purpose: playing professional soccer. He grew up in a Christian household and the strong foundation and unconditional love he had received helped Jamie through some tough moments in college and overseas.

“God wants to get you where He wants you to go more than you want to get where He wants you to go.” – Jamie Gilbert

Jamie did achieve his dream of playing professional soccer in Ireland, but he struggled with major setbacks due to injuries.   Jamie shares how his life experience is impacting the lives of everyone he works with.  Jamie has authored three books so far, coaches, trains, and mentors others on their journey to greatness.

“I’m trying to help them understand that their worth comes from who they are, not what they do.” – Jamie Gilbert

You Will Learn

  • How to disciple in reverse
  • What two things are people craving
  • How comparing yourself to others affects you
  • What the most important thing about your sport or your business is
  • How to work on your mindset
  • How to define the growth mindset
  • How to ask questions to accelerate your ability to get results
  • What your worth comes from



Jamie-speaking-headshotAfter being asked if he would tell his children to chase their dreams, Jamie knew he had to model it for them. Laying aside job opportunities and the remainder of his master’s degree he pursued his career in soccer and mentoring people in all walks of life. Jamie now serves as a mentor for people and organizations specializing in training mindsets and helping people teardown strongholds in their lives.

As the lead trainer at Train to be CLUTCH, Jamie’s focus is a heart’s first approach to leadership, life skills and mental training. 

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