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Business as Ministry

people are greatest asset for organizations (1) (1) (1)Your business is God’s business.  If you’ve been blessed with a business stewardship, then your business should be about more than just the bottom line.  If you desire to have a Kingdom Business you must first become a Kingdom Leader.

Join us as Terence discusses how to become a Kingdom Leader and serve your most valuable asset, your people.

Kingdom Leaders are mature and equipped servant leaders who:

  • Live consistently under the control of the Holy Spirit
  • Are demonstrators of the Word of God
  • Motivated by the love of Christ and faith focused
  • Have discovered a larger purpose for their work and their business
  • Evangelistically bold, discipleship dedicated
  • Family faithful, Gospel driven, spiritually responsible
  • Consciously focused on Kingdom capital and financial Stewardship



Terence_ChatmonFrom soda bottle recycling entrepreneur at the age of six to senior executive leader responsible for billions of dollars for the Coca Cola Company, Terence Chatmon has served in senior executive leadership roles with Johnson & Johnson, Citibank and Coca Cola. Terence is a transformational leader amongst senior executives and CEOs. He is a successful entrepreneur and has served as President and CEO of global non-profit organizations.

He now serves as President and CEO of Fellowship of Companies for Christ International, (FCCI) a fellowship of executive leaders in 83 countries who believe that through Christ people, businesses, culture and nations could be transformed. In his role, he is leading unprecedented efforts to equip and encourage leaders in small, medium and large size companies. FCCI is known around the world for their global platform, world class annual international conference, rich library of business leadership resources and their transformational Kingdom Leader and Kingdom Company model.

Terence has always been defined by his innovative strategic thinking and zealous love of teaching and commitment to building leaders. At FCCI, he launched the FCCI Fellows summer intern program targeting one million next generation leaders in business. He is often invited to speak at business and parenting conferences and regularly teaches seminars, workshops and forums where CEO’s and senior executives attend from around the world. He is best known for his creative leadership, building transformational sustainable communities and driving business essentials across diverse industries resulting in organizational efficiency and optimized revenue and profit growth.

Terence also has a passion for family discipleship training. In 2007, Terence founded Victorious Family Ministries International, a parenting discipleship organization. Thousands of families and churches have participated in transformational parenting workshops that train and instruct parents and church leaders in family discipleship. His curriculum has been adopted by the world’s largest family and parenting ministries and churches.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Chatmon is active in his local church and community. He has served in the Elder role at Perimeter Church. He has facilitated a neighborhood congregation group and served as a discussion and teaching leader for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). Chatmon lives in Georgia with his wife Wanda. He has three wonderful children.

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