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Navigate the rest of your life with clarity and purpose

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Having recently celebrated my 40th birthday, I’m seeing firsthand how our perspective can become blurry in midlife. It’s a disruptive season where we collide with limitations on all sides. We recognize there is more of life in the rearview mirror than on the road ahead of us. We wonder if our lives so far have been worthwhile. We are uncertain about what lies ahead.Peter Greer

During this episode Peter Greer offers insight for navigating midlife with fresh clarity and purpose. Drawing on the wisdom of the book of Ecclesiastes, he shows how we can come to grips with the realities of who we are and what we should become in the years ahead.

In a world that can seem meaningless at times, God offers perspective that anchors us, renews us and propels us back into the world in meaningful mission and service. Rediscover who God has called you to be. And see the rest of your life with the clarity of 40/40 vision.

But midlife is also an opportunity to recalibrate our vision. It’s a time to look back, take stock of our lives so far, and refocus on new dimensions of identity and calling.Peter Greer

Peter shares in the interview that he is  glad didn’t have to do all this alone. Greg Lafferty, a pastor and friend who has navigated his forties with resilience and unflinching honesty, allowed Peter to coerce him into writing this book together. As one committed to understanding and applying Scripture, Greg studied the book of Ecclesiastes and used it as the lens to explore midlife in a way that was hopeful, helpful and even enjoyable.

Join us in this incredible interview on  rediscovering who God has called you to be. And see the rest of your life with the clarity of 40/40 vision.



peter-greer (1)Peter Greer is President and CEO of HOPE International, a global Christ-centered microenterprise development organization serving throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Prior to joining HOPE, Peter worked internationally as a microfinance advisor in Cambodia, technical advisor for Self-Help Development Foundation in Zimbabwe, and managing director for Urwego Community Bank in Rwanda.

He received a B.S. in international business from Messiah College and an MPP from Harvard’s Kennedy School.

As an advocate for the Church’s role in missions and alleviating extreme poverty, Peter has been a speaker at a number of conferences, and he has been featured by Christianity Today, World, Forbes, CNN, and RELEVANT.

He has also written The Poor Will Be Glad (with Phil Smith, 2009), The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good (with Anna Haggard, 2013), Mission Drift (with Chris Horst, 2014 and selected as a 2015 Book Award Winner from Christianity Today), Entrepreneurship for Human Flourishing (with Chris Horst, 2014), Stop Helping Us (2014), Watching Seeds Grow (with his son Keith, 2014), The Giver and the Gift (with David Weekley, 2015) and 40/40 Vision (with Greg Lafferty, 2015).

Currently, Peter serves as the entrepreneur-in-residence at Messiah College and as a Praxis Venture Partner.

Peter and his wife, Laurel, live in Lancaster, PA, with their three children, Keith, Lilianna, and Myles.

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