Alex Charfen | 5 Characteristics of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type

Entrepreneurial Personality Type and How We Change The World

“The goal is that people don’t just get fired up to give, and fired up to create, and fired up to change things, but they actually do something.” – Alex Charfen


Are you an entrepreneur who’s feeling stuck and don’t know how to move forward? Or are you a new entrepreneur who’s unsure of how to begin?

Join us as we talk with Alex Charfen, an internationally recognized thought leader on business strategy and entrepreneurship, who has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business as he taps into what an entrepreneur is, the challenges involved, how to truly embrace it and make a difference in the world.

In this episode, Alex shares that Entrepreneurial Personality Types or EPT’s are a subpopulation that are different than everyone else and that the systems in the world that work for everyone else, doesn’t work for EPT’s.

So if you ever feel alone because of your Entrepreneurial Personality Type, be assured that you are not alone and that you belong to the most important group of people in the world- The Entrepreneurs, which are the only consistent source of positive human evolution.

“We are momentum aced beings. We don’t live in a world of emotions.”  – Alex Charfen

What you will learn

  • What it takes to create and sustain momentum
  • What an Entrepreneurial Personality Type means
  • Ten Attributes of Entrepreneurial Personality Types
  • How high pressure and high noise affects EPT’s
  • The 3 States where EPT’s truly exists
  • The Contribution Equation



Alex Charfen has dedicated his life to answering the question, How do you make business grow? As a personal consultant to billionaires, the Fortune 500 and some of the most successful individuals in the world, Alex’s pursuit evolved into a larger calling to understand How do you help people grow? For the past two decades, Alex has created and curated proven business philosophies, models and strategies geared specifically to entrepreneurs.

ACharfenInternationally recognized speaker and business consultant, Alex Charfen has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business through his insights from consulting for billionaires, the Fortune 500 and some of the most successful people in the world.

Alex is the co-founder and CEO of CHARFEN, empowering entrepreneurs to grow and scale businesses and make their greatest contribution. An in-demand thought leader on business strategy and entrepreneurship, he regularly appears in major media outlets such as MSNBC, CNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Investor’s Business Daily to provide his unique views and insights.

PS – Please comment below.  What are the characteristics of your entrepreneurial personality type?


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