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Don’t let your accomplishments become your Identity

Steve Fedysky Your Identity Key to Success

As a child, Steve was gifted in sports and academics. He grew up believing that who he was, was based on what he did or what someone said he did, so it was normal for him to perform at a high level. But despite all his accomplishments, he felt empty.

Eventually all the stuff in the world isn’t going to fill the space in your heart.  You don’t need to run solo in your silo, invite people in, invite God into your life. Steve Fedyski

Steve realized that the problem that he was having and that many of us experience even to this day is that we let our accomplishments become our identities instead of realizing and acknowledging that God has made and designed us perfectly with a plan in mind. It was in that moment Steve realized he had to recalibrate his life because he was living for the wrong reasons.


You want to seek God’s plan for your life, not just your own, he’ll give you the desires of your heart if it’s right by him and right for him. Steve Fedyski

As Steve became wiser, he shares the lessons he learned which brought him success in his businesses and endeavors and one of them is, to always ask yourself if you’re doing what you’re doing for the right intentions and that if you treat your people well, help them get what they want then you’ll be blessed.

People don’t want to know how much you know; they want to know how much you care. Steve Fedyski

Adversaries are challenges to be treated as a gift and Steve reiterates the importance of having a clear vision and mission for your life for you to find what your true passion is.  

Your experiences, your gifting, your talents, your passions when that converges, you’re on your sweet spot. – Steve Fedyski
If you don’t learn the language of the people that you’re trying to influence or rally for a cause or solve a problem, then you’re not going to get across to most people. – Steve Fedyski

So we invite you in this episode and let Steve help you find your sweet spot.

What you will learn

  • Why you don’t need to run solo in your silo
  • The Great Commandment
  • The Great Condition
  • The Cultural Condition
  • The importance of having a passion that’s fueled by a vision
  • How convergence can happen in your life
  • The importance of learning the language of the people you’re trying to influence



BIO                                                                    stephenfedyski

Visionary executive and entrepreneur who has helped oversee the business development, marketing, and organizational efforts of Fortune 100 companies as well as early- to growth-stage ventures. Expertise has been focused on developing strategies and managing the implementations of those strategies to create profitability, revenue growth, and long-term sustainability. Especially passionate about inspiring vision within leaders to fulfill their God-given callings.

Previously, Fedyski served as president and CEO, Pinnacle Forum, a Dr. Bill Bright-inspired ministry that formed in 1996. He has held senior sales/marketing executive positions for Fortune 100 consumer products and direct marketing companies like Kraft Foods, Borden and Advo Inc. A popular motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Fedyski have received multiple national sales, marketing and leadership awards including the prestigious Chairman’s Award for Kraft Foods.

As an elder of Highlands Church in his home of Scottsdale, Arizona, Fedyski is a discipleship leader and mentor. In 2014, he was commissioned as a Centurion from the Chuck Colson Center. Other ministries he’s been actively involved with include CRU/Campus Crusade for Christ International, House of Refuge and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Steve also serves as a member of Campus Crusade’s Arizona Prison Advisory Board and Ambassador for The Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Fedyski has a business/psychology degree from Baldwin-Wallace College and earned his graduate degree in business/management at the University of Memphis. He has been married to his wife, Tracy, for 31 years, and they have two adult married children and four grandchildren.


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