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Obeying Him When You Feel Unqualified

Tom Helling is a guy that you want to meet and have coffee with. He is a friend to everyone he meets and will motivate and inspire you!

MAGNETIC (1)“Following God in turbulent times is no easy task. in addition to faith, it takes time, dedication, and courage” – Tom Helling

As someone who experienced many ups and downs in his life, Tom firmly believes that in times of difficulty, the best figure to run to is Jesus. Tom also encourages you to start viewing conflict or problems in different perspectives. Instead of seeing them as struggles and stumbling blocks on our way to success, think of them as stepping stones and as opportunities to be better in your own craft and to be a better team mate.

There are conflicts too when we compare the different  views and perspectives people have.Tom Helling

People are entitled to their opinion, views, and ideas. It takes team work to come up with a common standard or common goal in a business because people have such diverse backgrounds. What seems to be fair for someone may not be fair for another. Tom shares how to respect other views while standing on your principles.

Take some time and slow down. You might go to a quiet place where you can really reflect without having any distraction.Tom Helling

In this world where there is so much noise, it is important to find time for yourself.  Leave everything behind once in a while and take time to rest, reflect, and think of everything that is going on in your life. It may sound like a cliche for those who are feeling tired, but Tom is strongly recommending it as a way of replenishing the mind as well as the soul. Take time to leave every distraction of this world every once in a while to renew yourself.

There are great days ahead of you!

What You’ll Learn

  •   Total trust in God during troubled times
  •   Dealing with difficult people
  •   Understanding equity
  •   Managing a team
  •   Importance of reflecting



Tom055bTom Helling, President, Equity View

  • Co-founder and strategist for Image Guided Neurologics which sold to Medtronic in 2005
  • Co-founder CEO Solutions sold in 2006 after 25 years in business
  • Over 600 successful ownership transitions and 300 business plans

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