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Ask Yourself, How Did God Wire You?

These core values,they’re hard-wired in us. Not who we want to be, they are who we are in our life right now. These core values that we have they represent our unique essence and our ultimate and most fulfilling form of expression.John Ramstead
 Eternal LEadership

In today’s episode John shares the importance of gaining clarity in our core values as they serve as our compass in life and that if  we honor our core values, important life decision are easier to make and outcomes are more fulfilling. You will also hear about how values that are fully defined and elaborated on, become a powerful tool in pointing you toward fulfilling the choices you approach major crossroads in your life or when you get off track.

It is important to acknowledge however, that the process of clarifying values is often difficult. 

Sometimes it’s difficult to get perspective on our values. Value clarification is essential to know who you are at the core.John Ramstead

John shares the reason why selecting values from a list seldom work as the list then becomes an opportunity to vote on a most desirable or socially acceptable value.

Working in our core values is crucial to how we show up as we go through life . It is what informs what we do, how we do it and why we do it.John Ramstead

Be ready with your paper and pencil (yes, because you are sure to make revisions!) as John walks you through his process of value clarification. So go on and listen to today’s episode and start having clarity on your core values and see how it will help accelerate the results that you are having in life!

What you will learn

  • The importance of getting clarity on your core values
  • An exercise that you can work on immediately to get you started on defining your core values
  • How the peak moments in your life, both positive and negative, help reveal your core value
  • Realize that every upset or moment of distress is likely a signal that a value is being suppressed or is not being honored.
  • How to discover your core values
  • The Values Based Decision Matrix as a tool to help you realize your core values
  • The  three things that will happen if we honor our core values


Bio John Ramstead

John has been married for 25 years to his best friend and has three incredible boys.  It has been three years since a near fatal accident has changed the trajectory of his life.  Without the incredible support of God, his family and amazing friends he wouldn’t be the person he is today.

As he recovered he sought direction on why God saved him and what He now wants John to do.  God gave John a new calling: take the life He’s given him and pour it into other leaders to equip and inspire them to work in His Kingdom.

John’s twenty-five years as a Navy fighter pilot, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member and board chair has led him to serve others towards extraordinary lives, businesses and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Working in CORE VALUES accelerated their results!


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