Jeff Spadafora | The Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose, and Balance

Your blueprint for building a life of greater joy

It’s not just what you’re going to do but who you’re going to be and who is God continuing to shape you to be.Jeff Spadafora

joy-modelAn increasing number of adult American Christians are frustrated. Even as we read our Bibles, listen to sermons, and hang out with other Christians, we have a nagging feeling that something is missing: JOY. As a result, many of us has given up on our faith being a source of joy; instead, we seek meaning, purpose, and joy through our Christian service, work, relationships, hobbies, possessions, or even more destructive and hollow substitutes.

Join us in today’s episode, as my good friend, Jeff Spadafora shares The Joy Model with us! In this book, Jeff shares the breakthroughs he’s had and the simple tools and steps you can take to find your balance that will lead you to achieve real joy.

Happiness is circumstantial, but when the inevitable curveball hits happiness will evaporate in a minute whilst joy is this pervading all consistent sense of peace and contentment and well-being regardless of the circumstances.Jeff Spadafora

The path to real joy is a dual process; it involves striking a balance between the being and doing side. The doing side is merely an outflow, an overflow and an expression of all the joy that we are experiencing from the being side. You will be inspired as you hear Jeff share a step-by-step guide called his M-A-S-T-E-R plan.  This is one of the favorite conversations I have had on any podcast interview!!

If you want to get capacity in your calendar, get conviction about your calling.Jeff Spadafora

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of figuring out the “why” behind your desire to discover your true calling
  • How to strike a balance between the being and doing aspects of your spiritual life
  • How to achieve real JOY
  • What meaningful engagement in scripture looks like and how to achieve it
  • The M-A-S-T-E-R plan and how you can start implementing it in your life
  • How to create space in your calendar for what truly matters



SpadaforaJeff Spadafora is the Director of Global Coaching Services and Product Development for The Halftime Institute.

He spent 20 years as a leadership and executive development consultant for Fortune 1000 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Sears & Roebuck, Compuware, Domino’s Pizza, Visteon, Northern Trust Bank, Helene Curtis, and Sky Chefs.In 2005, Jeff was inspired by Bob Buford’s book Halftime and began his journey of discovering God’s true purpose for his second half. As he worked with his Halftime coach, it became clear that his calling is to help other people discover their calling.

He has coached over 130 men and women through the Halftime Journey and continues to make this a primary part of his ministry. As the leader of The Halftime Institute’s global coaching staff, he is also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing Halftime Certified coaches throughout the world.

In addition to being the lead designer of the Halftime curriculum and one of the primary facilitators of workshops for groups of people embarking on the Halftime journey, Jeff also writes and speaks globally about the issues of life purpose, joy, and kingdom impact.

He lives in Evergreen Colorado with his wife Michelle and 3 teenage children.  He enjoys fishing, hunting, skiing, mountain biking and everything else the great outdoors of Colorado has to offer.


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