Chris McIntire | Massive Impact on Thousands: A case study in living Beyond Influence

 Be willing to push into the unknown to pursue what God has called you to do

eternal leadershipChris McIntire moved away from the political spectrum and dove into unknown territory to be able to pursue his calling. Chris saw the struggles of families who plan to adopt face  and he used his knowledge in politics and his love of stories to be able to find a way to solve the problem.

“I need to be willing to risk in order to do the things God has called me to do.”Chris McIntire

He believes that adoption is one of the purest expression of the love and compassion of the Gospel and that all the beautiful love stories of adoption stories, as well as the imperfections, are best celebrated and experienced in community. With this in mind, Chris started  Adopt A Love Story, an organization that aims to support and empower families with their adoption and help bring the children home.

Chris challenges us to rethink the things we do and ask ourselves if it is where and what we are supposed to be doing or are we just trying to be in a safe spot? He also shares that instead of responding to life with bitterness and anger, we instead should respond out of brokenness and humility before the Lord and that only when we do so can we fully listen and understand God’s message to us.

“The things we fight against are so small that when we win, we become smaller.”Chris McIntire

Chris advises that  we should be fully aware and gain clarity on the things we love to do, things that we could do all day and not get burned out. Take notice of these things as they are small clues that lead to us realizing what our calling is.

“It’s not the title of what you’re doing that matters most, but the the tasks that you’re putting in.”Chris McIntire

What You Will Learn:

  • The right mindset one should have in facing life’s challenges
  • Why you should step out of your comfort zone
  • The one thing Chris did every morning to overcome some of his biggest challenges
  • How to gain clarity on what your passion is
  • What Adopt A Love Story does and how you can help out


Bio eternal leadership

Chris McIntire and his wife Lisa accomplished the feat of having six children in six years, including two sets of twins. When he’s not worn out from chasing a half dozen small humans around Chris is out playing Ultimate Frisbee or geeking out over stories of new innovations changing our world.

Chris has a background in broadcast radio and politics, and it was though those experiences that he saw the power that stories have to change culture. He has combined that passion for stories with practical fundraising principles to help families overcome the financial barriers to adoption. Chris is passionate that a cultural that embraces adoption is a powerful solution to not just empower the pro-life movement, but help address the worldwide orphan crisis and foster care challenges in the U.S.

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