Mandy Arioto | Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood

Embrace Grace in the Midst of the Ordinary

Eternal Leadership

“You know what God is calling you to do, and it’s scary, and it’s heartbreaking”Mandy Arioto

When things are going well in your life, you have a happy family, you have a great job, you live in a nice neighborhood with all your friends and family near you, and then suddenly one day, you wake up being called by God to go somewhere far from your home to do the thing you’re not sure you can do, how will you respond to Him?

Listen in today’s episode as  MOPS CEO Mandy Arioto reveals how the brightest and darkest moments of motherhood alike can become a sacred—and sanity-saving— opportunity to encounter God.  She shares how there  is a way to flourish in the midst of it all, and it starts with embracing the light and darkness in life with expectation and awe.

“I think we can go so much farther when we are on the same team and there’s really a high level of trust”Mandy Arioto

In leading people, Mandy shares that setting the bar higher for other people than they have for themselves empower them to believe that they have way more potential and that they can accomplish the things they think they can’t do. She also said that people should not be ever surprised by performance conversation because it helps to bring out the best in them.

She also shares about her book Starry Eyed where she encourages moms of all ages and stages to embrace grace in the midst of their ordinary life. From the weary to the wonderful, the stressful to the sublime, God is there. We just need a little help seeing him.

“There is hope when things feel hard”Mandy Arioto

Mandy acknowledges the fact that with great love comes great joy . . . and great pain. It can be crazy-making! But it doesn’t have to be. Between the blaring, always-on-duty world of mothering and our woman’s wistful yearning for personal time and space, Mandy Arioto wedges a place for us to be. Courageous. Ever honest. Present.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to respond to God’s call
  • How to deal with struggling team members
  • How to deal with criticisms
  • The importance of performance conversation
  • Why you should let go of your “I am only” feelings


BIO Eternal Leadership

Mandy Arioto, as President and CEO for MOPS International, represents the voice of the organization’s 130,000+ mother members. Before joining MOPS, Mandy was on the teaching staff at MOSAIC in Southern California. A recognized speaker, Mandy addresses motherhood, spirituality, and cultural trends for both national and international audiences, and she has also been featured on MSN,,, and Fox News. She and her husband are in the throes of raising three young kids to be adventurous, tender-hearted world-changers. Follow Mandy at  and

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