Brian Holmes | How to move from brokenness to greatness

The Four Cornerstones for Strategic Living

“If you’re ever going to be great, you have to deal with those issues that are unresolved in your life…”Brian Holmes
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Brian Holmes had been in ministry since he was a teenager. He and his wife pastored churches, but no one knew the brokenness that was tearing him apart. Molested and introduced to pornography at eleven years old, he told no one. Guilt, anger, shame…he stuffed his emotions deep inside for decades until he found himself planning suicide.

“People don’t change until the pain of remaining the same is greater than the pain of change.”Brian Holmes

Healing came to him when he went to a workshop held by TV personality Dr. Phil. He was finally able to bring his secret into the light and find personal healing at last. He was freed from all the lies that kept him a prisoner in his own mind and able to truly discover who he was and for what purpose he was created.

“When a person believes a lie, it is truth to them…It becomes the guiding force for their decisions, their choices and their trajectory in life.”Brian Holmes

Brian began to feel God calling him to help others overcome their pain so that they could be healed and find their purpose as well. Brian shares a framework for change he designed called the “Four Cornerstones.”  This cycle of progress includes personal discovery, personal development and ultimately, personal deployment…but he stresses that all are dependent on the first cornerstone: personal healing.

Brian talks about how many Christians use their gifts where they feel safe. He says we have divided the world into “sacred” vs “secular,” and this is not what God intended.  His passion is to take his teaching into the areas of business, the arts, families, etc…and encourages us to do the same!

“Each of us has a desire to take our life, our leadership and our influence to the next level…God wants you at a new level…but you can’t really take the same [baggage] into the next level and expect to have a great result.”Brian Holmes

What You will Learn:

  • How the lens of brokenness distorts our view of who we are
  • How to achieve your own personal healing
  • How to move beyond the pain so you can see what is possible in your life
  • How to take your power back
  • How to share your passions and gifts and be a light for a broken world


brian holmes

Brian Holmes is the Founder and President of Strategic Influencers, LLC, a company dedicated to Transforming Minds and Developing Leaders.

Strategic Influencers, LLC, along with its subsidiaries, is all about providing individuals the opportunity and means to receive inner life healing, purpose specific training and development, and the practical activation necessary to be mobilized as leaders in their respective areas of work and life.

For over 25 years, he has been involved in the Personal and Leadership Development space. His experience and expertise in building people has been utilized in numerous areas, including corporate training, executive coaching, leadership development trainer, personal development program facilitation, and church leadership.

He has authored numerous books and curriculums, including the internationally acclaimed, The Ties That Bind, a study on identifying and breaking unhealthy connections and limitations. In addition to my books, I am an author and presenter of numerous video and audio programs which are specifically designed to provide both personal and leadership development to individuals who desire to take their lives and their leadership to new and exciting levels.

Brian is a board certified counselor; a certified facilitator for The Pacific Institute; an author and lecturer; a Certified Life, Business, and Leadership Coach; a Master Coach Trainer; and mentor to people in all fields.

As a keynote speaker and trainer, he has traveled extensively each year speaking at conferences and leadership forums around the world.

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