Lee Colan | Five Coaching Habits of Excellent Leaders

Utilizing simple tools in facing the challenges of 

leading people

The greatest of concepts, I don’t care if it’s a manly concept or a biblical concept, it’s just a concept that is not put into action.Lee Colan

Leaders face different challenges as they lead their people but perhaps the most difficult is how they can be excellent at dealing with their employees and making them high performers. Most organizational heads know what they need to do but they tend to tangle up in the how-to.

In this podcast, leadership expert Lee Colan reveals the simple tools to help leaders take action and move forward. He believes that the steps don’t have to be complicated and what leaders need to do is just look past the employee to see the human being.

Ego is the number one leadership derailer.Lee Colan

To influence people, as leaders we must be congruent with who we really are. Lee gives the three levels of leadership: personal, team, and organizational. Personal leadership takes the first place because it is the foundation that we need to become excellent leaders.

He says that human insecurity is a primary barrier and that which holds leaders back from wanting to dig in and work in the area of personal leadership and make some tough changes on themselves.

We have to look past the employee to the person.Lee Colan

Lee says that leaders do not have to employ rocket science tools to direct their staffs. They are human beings and basically, leaders and employees both have the same needs and wants. He enumerates the 5 coaching habits which deals with the human needs: explain, ask, involve, measure and appreciate.

When we explain expectations we get alignment with the team, when we ask questions we engage our team, when we involve them in developing solutions/identifying problems we get the sense of ownership, when we measure results we get accountability, and when we appreciate people it deepens our commitment.

If we consistently do these things, then it’s very predictable that we’re going to have an aligned, committed, and engaged team.

What You Will Learn:

  • The three levels of leadership
  • Why personal leadership is very important
  • The 5 coaching habits of excellent leaders
  • Why ego is the number one leadership derailer
  • The importance of being clear in setting expectations



Lee is a rare combination of a highly-trained business consultant, prolific author and engaging presenter of ideas. He was nominated for the Thinkers50 Award for best management thinker globally.

Lee has authored 13 popular books that have been translated into 10 languages, including the bestselling Engaging the Hearts and Minds of All Your Employees. His latest release, Stick with It: Mastering the Art of Adherence is an enhanced and expanded 10-year follow-up to his first bestseller. He has also created over 100 practical products that equip and inspire leaders at every level.

His practical advice appears in 100+ on-line and print publications monthly. His Leadership Insights monthly column has appeared in the Dallas Business Journal since 2005. He also writes a column, Leadership Matters, for Inc.com.

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