Stacey Brown Randall | The Key To Generating Referrals Without Asking

Planning your sticky client experience


Referrals… people want to give them, they just need to know that you care enough to receive them.Stacey Brown Randall

We all know just how important referrals are for business’ growth and that business owners are over the moon when they get a number of those, but it’s not easy to get them, right? Entrepreneur Stacey Randall has discovered a unique way to generate referrals without asking and she is sharing it with us in today’s podcast.

…I think that’s the important piece that people have to understand…that this all comes from making it work for all parties involved but it’s never about you first.Stacey Brown Randall

What could be the things that prevent people from getting referrals? Stacey enumerates the three reasons to this: first is a choppy client experience. It is when business owners only work for what their client paid them to do and not developing a relationship with them outside that work. Second is mindset issue and third is when entrepreneurs are asking for them or willing to pay for them (referrals). Here, the focus is always the business owner and not the other person.

Referrals come from relationship and relationships take a little bit investment of time and sometimes a little bit investment of money, but really our time.Stacey Brown Randall

Stacey has cracked the secret to getting more referrals by analyzing what’s lacking with her first failed business, that is, valuing her clients as persons and building and nurturing an authentic relationship with them. She shares the 5 step process how she is able to do it (but she emphasizes that this is not for the start up business).

First is you need to know who’s referring you now. Then, categorize the referral sources. Next is build experiences for these referral sources. This is the secret sauce of the process and the three platinum principles to remember in building these experiences are 1. It’s gotta be all about them, 2. It has to be authentic to you and, 3. It has to keep you top of mind. The fourth step is to automate as much of it as you can so that it actually gets done. You can put in the calendar and outsource what you can of the process and do the pieces that you have to do. Systematize over a year so you can figure how to execute on it and make it easy for you in the execution area. The last step is to track and measure so that you know that it’s working.

For start up businesses, Stacey advises to focus on your sticky client experience, always be on the lookout for connectors, and always focus on how you make everything about the other person.

So really, generating referrals without asking is possible. You just have to take some time to figure out what it looks like and be willing to do a little bit of work.

It makes life so much better when your business is built by referrals, everything is easier.Stacey Brown Randall

What You Will Learn:

  • Things that prevent people from getting referrals
  • Characteristics of a true referral
  • The five step process to generate referrals without asking
  • The three platinum principles in building experiences for your referral sources
  • How start up businesses can generate referrals



Stacey is a Red Sox loving, married to a die-hard Yankee fan, Southern girl from South Carolina who happily calls Charlotte, NC home.

She is a wife to one, mother of three and a big supporter of the entrepreneurial dream.

Her entrepreneurial journey has had its ups & downs…a consulting business with big name clients (like KPMG, Snyder’s Lance, Coca Cola Bottling Consolidated) that ended in business failure.  She then found herself back in a 9 to 5 job.  But God is good and she was able to get back to the entrepreneurial dream running her current business which is now totally thriving (and kicking biz #1’s butt.)

She is now a Business Growth Accelerator who figured out how to grow her business and now work with other business owners to help them do the same. Her mission is to help people make more money and find more time.

Her online programs and live coaching provide a blueprint for you to follow to #takecontrolofyourbusiness including your referrals, your client experience, your business strategy and your days.

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