Sharon Spano | Radical Abundance: The Secret To A Meaningful Prosperous Life

Adapting a new paradigm for time and money


Time and money are intertwined and they are very closely linked in everything that we do. Each and every day we are making decisions around these two constructs. But what if our belief about time and money impairs us from being abundant in every area of our life? In today’s podcast, Dr. Sharon Spano explains how we can transform our relationship with time and money so we can have a more meaningful and prosperous life.

With the first moment of awareness comes the opportunity for change.Dr. Sharon Spano

Dr. Sharon states that it all begins with our early childhood stories. People present differently, think differently, behave differently, and respond to things differently because each of us has our unique experiences that color and affect the way we view time and money. That is why it is important to examine these storylines because from there we will know why we exhibit fear-based scarcity mentality, where it’s coming from and from there come up with a solution, adapt to that new paradigm and new ways of thinking and forge into that next step.

In working with her clients, Dr. Sharon deals with the spiritual, moral, interpersonal, somatic, cognitive, and emotional lines of development to come up with practices and ways to flush out those specific lines and wake up and grow up into new and higher levels of thinking and being.

Radical abundance…is not a place to get to, it’s a place to come from.  Radical abundance is about living a meaningful life of joy and prosperity no matter what your circumstances are.Dr. Sharon Spano

Dr. Sharon emphasizes that radical abundance is not all about money. Prosperity is not about how much time and money we have but about this mindset shift about how we are viewing time and money. It should be a place to come from where there’s richness in our lives and it’s not linked to what we have or don’t have.

If we don’t have the awareness, we don’t even know where to start.Dr. Sharon Spano

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of developing self-awareness in starting the process of change
  • What your belief system and view about time and money is
  • Why people exhibit fear-based scarcity mentality
  • The new paradigm for time and money
  • The meaning of radical abundance
  • The true meaning of prosperity



Dr. Sharon Spano is a corporate business strategist, workforce expert, and former radio host of WorkSmart Live, who empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs to maximize performance, improve employee engagement, and increase bottom-line results.

As a Certified Professional Integral Coach™, Dr. Spano is dedicated to helping others adopt new paradigms about time and money so that they can step into radical abundance in every area of their lives. Her research focuses on wisdom, adult development, and leadership. Her passion is to help others realize their biggest life.

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