Luke Laffin | Reclaiming Your Core: Restoring the Foundations of Faith

Get in touch with your God-based identity


Lord, do whatever You have to do in me so that your purposes and plans can be established in my life.Luke Laffin

As humans, it is inherent in us to refuse to suffer. We don’t like making sacrifices but the reality is, life is not a bed of roses. It is easy for us to question God when things become too heavy to bear than to trust His purposes and plans for us.

When you look at yourself through the mirror of God’s work and you come up with a description of your identity based on what He says about you, it’s absolutely amazing.Luke Laffin

What we don’t realize and we forget almost all the time is who we are according to God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him that’s why He knows that we can overcome our difficult situations. Our limited understanding of the world around us leads us to believe in who we think we are based on how people see us thereby becoming weak in face of trials. God promises better things if we only learn to trust in His plans and get in touch with who we truly are according to Him. He wants to remove that which is not true in our identity and establish the nature of Christ within us.

It was the most horrible time and the most amazing time of my life because it was in that moment that I realized that the only thing that I really truly needed was that relationship with the Lord.Luke Laffin

I invite you to stay and listen to this amazing podcast as Luke shares his cross and know why he considers an awful time in his life as the most wonderful season too.

The beauty of the Lord…He can literally redeem things that we think are beyond redemption.Luke Laffin

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of knowing your God-based identity
  • Reflecting on Christ’s suffering and your own
  • The purpose of our difficult circumstances
  • The transformational effect of getting in touch with your core
  • Trusting in God’s purposes and plans



Luke Laffin is a leader in the Kingdom Business Association. He speaks internationally and he has written a number of missionary devotionals, Bible-based curriculum, articles, and blogs. He is a life coach and works a lot with leaders on how to navigate the pressures and challenges of marriage, family, and ministry. He has been a pastor and develops ministry teams. He published his first book, Reclaiming Your Core: Restoring the Foundations of Faith in 2016.

Luke is married and has five kids and six grandkids. He is currently living in South Carolina with his family.

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