Jeff Haanen | The Powerful Impact of Faith and Work

Reaching more people by serving God

through our work

Have you ever yearned to apply your faith in the work that you do and create an impact on a larger number of people at the same time? Even though there’s not a lot of churches emphasizing work and vocation, Jeff Haanen explains that it is possible to integrate the two because as Christians, we believe that we should be disciples of Jesus in all the areas of our life.

The broad networks, those will really allow me and my company to become much more valuable.Jeff Haanen

In 2012, Jeff started the Denver Institute for Faith and Work to bridge the gap between secular and sacred. This is in response to his own growing conviction on what it means to be people of Christian faith in the 20th century — of putting our faith in public.

One of the programs that he offers is the intensive leadership development program for emerging leaders which creates a catalyst for them to eventually become the highest type of leaders in their field. Jeff gives importance to broadening education to these leaders and their companies to more meaningfully touch the different issues in the different areas or sectors in their community, ‘broader not deeper’ as Michael Lindsay says.

…if we’re going to be dedicating all of our selves to Christ, into what He is doing in the world, work has to be a major part of that.Jeff Haanen

If you have a passion to influence more people through what you are doing right now and in ways that are consistent with your faith, do listen to this podcast and learn valuable lessons from our very special guest.

What You Will Learn:

  • How you can bridge the gap between the secular and the sacred
  • The biggest challenge in the life of the church in the issue of work and vocation
  • How pastors and business leaders can learn from each other
  • The 5280 Fellowship
  • The catalyst experience of high-level leaders
  • The importance of creating a broader network



Jeff Haanen is the Founder of Denver Institute for Faith & Work and the 5280 Fellowship. He contributes to various magazines and publications, including Christianity Today. He has previously served as a school administrator, a pastor and missionary. He holds a B.A. in International Economics and Spanish from Valparaiso University and a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary. Jeff attends Littleton Christian Church with his wife and four daughters.


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