Scott Beebe | The 2 Most Important Non-Negotiables in Running a Small Business

Craft Your Company’s Vision and Manage Your Team Effectively 

How can small business owners, solopreneurs, and coaches liberate themselves from the chaos of working “in” their business instead of “on” it?

In this episode, Scott Beebe talks about a system to effectively manage a team and the importance of the company’s vision.

Mission is nothing more than a hyper-condensed drop of your vision. And vision is a detailed snapshot of whatever it is you are going after.Scott Beebe

Crafting your company’ vision story is a nebulous task. Where do you even start?

Scott shares his system and lays out the 7 categories that business owners need to think through when writing out their vision.

“Write the vision down so that those who read it may run.” – Habakkuk

There will be times when running a business will be tough. Too many entrepreneurs struggle with burnout because they haven’t done or even thought about some of the principles Scott discussed in this podcast episode.

The constraints of growing a small business become constraints at a different level as the business grows bigger. If they are not handled early on, they get magnified and they’ll eat you alive!

Majority of businesses fail because the business owner gets sick of running on the business treadmill.Scott Beebe

The reality is, most business owners are doing everything by hand. As a pilot flying the plane in a cockpit, he or she is still serving drinks, manually adjusting the wings, putting down the landing gear.

Instead of building a cockpit with a dashboard of systems that can perform a series of tasks with the push of some buttons. This is where Scott’s Master Process Roadmap comes in.

Leading a small business is no different than flying an airplane. So why don’t we spend the time to build a cockpit?

Scott also talks about his system for managing his team. His simple yet effective process in getting feedback from his team members is well worth a try for any business owner looking to expand his or her venture.

There are a few more crucial keys in running a small business, and Scott gives insights and actionable advice on how to put them into action.

And finally, the biggest takeaway from this episode: Whatever the system you plan to use, implement it!

Vision without implementation is a hallucination.

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of vision, mission, and values in a business
  • How to create an inspirational and directional company culture
  • The 7 categories that business owners need to think through when writing out their vision
  • How to create processes and delegate effectively
  • What is a delegation road map and why do you need one?
  • The two business “non-negotiables”
  • The crucial baseline keys in running a small business
  • The magic of repetitious implementation



Scott Beebe is a strategist, teacher, and business coach for My Business On Purpose.

His background in multiple roles includes direct and B2B sales, designing and implementing organizational strategy, training and development, marketing and fundraising, along with teaching and speaking.

Diversity in locations and roles has provided him a unique seat from which to view businesses, Churches, and cultures literally around the world.

He reads constantly and pursues learning with a great hunger. God’s Word is the basis of his learning, the gateway to his relationship with Jesus Christ, and the value set of his worldview.

He loves to coach, explore, eat, and drive, and one day will learn to fly!

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