Allen Arnold | Are You Acting Out of Love Or Out of Fear?

A Better Way to Live, Love and CreateEternal Leadership the story of with

Allen Arnold was an extremely driven man early in his career. He was the man who gets things done no matter what. And he was rewarded well for that.

The one who said it cant be done should get out of the way of the one already doing it.Allen Arnold
– from a fortune cookie message taped on Allen’s desk

He was focused purely on personal results without caring about anybody else. Until one day, after receiving his supervisor’s devastatingly honest feedback, he realized that he had to be open to transformation.

It’s hard for us to read our own labels because we’re inside the bottle looking out. But other people looking in can read the label clearly. – stated by Allen’s friend

Allen talked about the fact that we give identities to people based on external appearances, job titles, size of bank accounts, etc. But from a true identity standpoint, the external matters far less than the internal.

According to Allen, another problem with focusing on the external is if we want to be more, then we need to do more. But “it’s not all up to me.” Trying to control everything is not a good strategy. It is better to let go of things we can’t influence, and work intentionally on things that we can.

Allen pointed out that if we drill down far enough, our decisions are either love-based or fear-based. Contrary to what we might believe, it’s not a battle between “love and hate”.

Also in this episode, Allen offered a new definition of creativity and how we show it in everything we do.

And finally, it starts with you. You have to begin the journey yourself. Before you can offer life or freedom or creativity to others, you have to get a taste of it first. And then let it ripple.

You can’t tell a better story than you’re living.Allen Arnold
Allen Arnold

What You’ll Learn

  • The airline story that encapsulated Allen’s personality during his earlier years
  • The feedback that changed Allen’s trajectory
  • When are you really free to be yourself?
  • Take back the “illusion of control”
  • How Allen replaced his expectations with a sense of expectancy
  • Are you reacting based on love or based on fear?
  • The biggest problem with most novels when they are being written (which happens in our lives)
  • How to change your story when you’re stuck
  • The definition of creativity


Bio Eternal Leadership

Allen Arnold is the author of The Story of With, an allegory about creativity that fuses together elements of identity, imagination, intimacy, and Creative Fellowship with God and fellow bohemians. Allen reveals how creative interests and desires actually serve as a supernatural homing device, drawing us closer to God as we pursue what we are most passionate about from an awakened heart.

A highly sought-after speaker, Allen teaches this transformative message to diverse creative teams. As the founding Fiction Publisher for Thomas Nelson, Allen oversaw the development of more than five hundred novels that spanned every genre. He now oversees content at Ransomed Heart, a ministry founded by John Eldredge, the New York Times Best-selling author of Wild at Heart.

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