What sets John Ramstead apart from other coaches?

  • His extraordinary military record as a Navy fighter pilot and naval aviation instructor
  • His experience on the executive team of three successful start-ups as well as the management team for a Fortune 100 company
  • His management of sales and operations responsible for over $100 million of revenue per year
  • His creation of two non-profits devoted to the causes important to him: Colorado Rough Riders and the Faith and Freedom Coalition

And he has overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges with a winning spirit, surviving a near fatal riding accident in Montana.

Through all these tests, John’s faith in his Creator and his devotion to his family, his marriage and his friends have never waivered. This, in turn, has given him a degree of humility and perspective not often encountered on the battlefield of corporate ego and competition.


“John is the best strategist I have ever met. He has taught me how to be more strategic with my relationships. He has impacted my work and how I approach business and life.

- Norton Rainey

Executive Director, ACE Scholarships

“I think of John as a brother. He has a remarkable heart and has made a profound impact on my life and career. He has contributed in meaningful ways and you can sense the authenticity in his presence.”

- Jay Cleary

President, Bridge Financial Group

“John Ramstead’s distinguished business and leadership experiences, coupled with challenging life experiences and training, make him uniquely qualified to help others who are serious about maximizing their personal and professional potential.”

- Jane E. Norton

Colorado’s 46th Lieutenant Governor

“There are people who are good and then there are consummate professionals who make you better. John is the latter.”

- Greg Londo

Bernstein Global Wealth Management

Zero In On the Target

Find balance between work and play, family and faith.



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