The Power of Listening to the Holy Spirit

Guest post by Jack Kim

intuition (1)An unexpected funeral

I wanted to share a recent experience with my like-minded friends. I went to a funeral on Friday for Gus—the man who took care of the janitorial duties with his wife at my building for 20 years, and was hit by a taxi driving down the wrong side of the road last Sunday morning near Monaco and Yale in Denver (

I work a lot of late nights in my office (like now, which is what reminded me of this) so I would see Gus a few times a week, for the last 10 years. Six days before he died, he came into my office during the day.

Since I’ll be speaking at my church men’s breakfast this Saturday, I’ve been trying even harder to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit before I give the message on that, and I experienced that with Gus before he died.

When the Holy Spirit speaks… Take Action

Gus has been in my office every night for the last 10 years that I’ve known him but that day when Gus came in, I felt this strong presence and nudging of the Holy Spirit from the moment he walked in, where I could hardly focus on what Gus was saying because the Spirit was trying to get me to do something in an urgent manner. When Gus told me that I was his favorite person to work for in his 70+ years, I felt like that was the opening-the invitation, so I said “Gus, can I pray for you?” in an involuntary sort of reaction.

Even though he knew of my faith, he seemed surprised by my request. After praying for him, he told me that he would like to go back to God, and start going to church again. He asked if he could stop by sometimes and just say hello and chat. I told him that would be great but I had this conviction inside that I would never see him again on earth. I shook his hand and I hugged him (which I had never done before but again, almost felt involuntary). I said goodbye and he had a look of peace on his face that I had never seen in the 10 years that I had known him.

Six days later, I was told by his daughter that he was killed in a car accident and it didn’t surprise me, nor did it sadden me because it was clear to me that God was doing something in Gus’ life to take him at the end.

It’s a reminder to me that while I work hard at my business and “analyze the dollars,” God’s currency is not dollars, but souls. On the infinite line of eternity, we’re currently living on just this dot on that line and yet, I often put so much stock on that dot.

With all of our clocks ticking on our earthly lives, I’m inspired that the people I know on this email are having a huge impact for the line, while temporarily living on the dot. I praise God for you!Jack Kim


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