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  Life With A Capital L

Matt HeardIn 2013, Matt Heard was at a crossroads: continue on as the senior pastor of one of the largest churches in Colorado and continue running at a pace that was leading to burnout … or follow a new calling God had placed in his heart.

What is it that you long for?

Matt’s calling led to this incredible book.  A book that was if nothing else, a manifesto of sorts for his three boys about the life lessons Matt had learned.

“We all desire more than just the endurance of our daily routines.  But often we feel limited and stuck – as if we’re merely existing instead of living.  Thant’s not the way it was meant to be.  God intends the humanity in each of us to be deeply experienced, lavishly enjoyed, and exuberantly celebrated.  In fact this is what the gospel is all about.” – Matt Heard

In this episode

  • How to live a life of true significance
  • Why I have decided to give this book to all of my leadership coaching clients
  • What did Christ mean in John 10:10 and how we can live a FULL life
  • How understanding the difference between a Pursuit and a Longing leads to Joy
  • Learn how to build a bridge from where you are now to the life God has waiting for you

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