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The key to a positive impact on personal and business relationships

Foundation (1) (1)“Just recently, my wife asked me, ‘Hey, what are you working on right now with your emotional intelligence training?’ and I said, ‘Honestly, it’s everything I wished I would have learned when I was 18.’ It’s the stuff that we need to know or learn and we probably missed it early on and we’ve gone years for some of us just tripping over our own two feet.”-Seth Williams

Emotional intelligence is defined as an awareness, self control, and expression of one’s own emotions which leads to the ability to handle interpersonal relationships thoughtfully and empathetically. How smart are you emotionally?  Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and the strengths and weaknesses of those around you?

On today’s episode, we will talk with Seth Williams, CEO of Lead Strong 360, about the scriptural basis for emotional intelligence and a key foundational piece called self-awareness. Extraordinary leaders have the ability to understand how their emotions affect their behavior and and how those emotions have impact on other people around them. Join us to learn how emotional intelligence can have a positive impact both on your personal and business relationships.

What you will learn:

  • Why self awareness is your key.
  • Links to scripture and what God has to say about emotional intelligence.
  • The importance of humility.
  • How to deal with stress before you actually experience it.
  • Key indicators that you need to work on self-awareness.
  • Key indicators of strong self-awareness.
  • How to assess your personality.
  • The importance of learning about the personalities of those around you.

“God designed our brain to be the filter that all of our interactions run through. So we don’t just want to remove the emotion, but we need to engage that rational portion at the same time so we actually behave and respond in a balanced manner with whatever that interaction is.” -Seth Williams


Future Grace by John Piper

Releasing Kings by John Garfield

Desire to Destiny by John Garfield


Seth Williams is a keynote speaker, Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma City University and North Dakota College. Teacher/Instructor/CEO Petroleum Education. Chief Executive Officer for Leadstrong360º, a sales, training and consulting company, Seth has accomplished many things over his career. Among those is the founding of a multi-million dollar service and supply company; successfully initiated and negotiated contracts on behalf of major companies; trained thousands of students including sales and administration professionals, provided business consulting to small businesses; designed highly profitable programs through marketing, training and partner relationships and guided leadership teams for multiple non-profit organizations.

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