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Co-creating Futures Together

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Stan Bullis founder of Unbridled Solutions grew up in an abusive environment but he didn’t allow this to define his future. Instead, he used it as his motivation to become a better person and a become a “cycle breaker”. He have built his company and several other companies using his 20-60-model and at the same time helping people discover their identities and destinies.

We hire people not positions. – Stan Bullis
He believes in co-creating the futures of his employees and that getting to know them, and putting them in a position where they feel they add value will make them stay for a long time.

Just have a conversation and they’ll give you their heart and you get to craft a future for them, with them and they stay around. – Stan Bullis

He now have built several other successful companies who all follow the 20-20-60 model and has built companies in the context and structure of family relationships. He believes firstly in the innate goodness of every human being and that if you just show authentic concern in helping individuals realize your destinies, you can both achieve success as you co-create your futures together.

You can duplicate the success Stan  has had in your own company or workplace by adopting the valuable lessons and attitudes of servant leadership taught by Stan in this podcast.

Invest in authentic relationship with people and invest in learning what they were intended to do and what gives them life. – Stan Bullis

What you will learn

  • The 20-20-60 Model
  • Why unlocking people’s destiny, crafting a future together and being generous is a great business model
  • How limiting beliefs prevent you form moving forward
  • The importance of authenticity
  • How having people whose heart and mind are connected will benefit your business
  • Why you should start thinking about legacy
  • Warning signs to watch out for



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Stan Bullis is the founder & president of Unbridled Solutions where he is merging established leaders with next generation entrepreneurs to build businesses that affect change…for profit, for purpose, forever.




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