Lance Wallnau: Passion towards Purpose

Discovering Your Life Purpose Life-Purpose (1)

Wit and humor are the best adjectives that can best describe our feature speaker for today.  He is an internationally recognized speaker as well as business consultant. He is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of Cultural Transformation and the Seven Mountains. At an early age, he already felt that there is something within him that is driving him to something that he cannot really comprehend during those times. Now as he has become an established man, he finally found out that innate passion leading him to his destiny.

There is a God that is a designer and therefore there is a purpose. And you exist with a purpose. The greatest mystery in life is finding out the purpose for which you are created and fulfilling it. – Lance Wallnau

Lance believed that we were all created in order to find the fulfillment in life by finding our purpose. It’s the realization that God gives you a vision, calling, or an assignment. As you begin to make choices that move in the direction of the assignment, unusual events take place and open up a pathway for you to go to the next step. It is all under Gods’ plan and design for you to fulfill your purpose.

 When you reach a place of surrendering your life to the purpose which you were created, then I talk about the consecration of your life so that you transact with God as you understand it. I will do what you call me to do. If you show me the path I will take it. – Lance Wallnau

We might discover our purpose and our calling not through the passion and pleasure that we pursue. When you’re walking on your purpose and you’re living at that in a vocation that empower you to do it as a calling. Our own passion may not work but Gods’ purpose for us will always will.


 Whenever you do what you are gifted to do, then you are alive. – Lance Wallnau

When you’re in the thing you are called to do, doing what you’re gifted to do, then that is a sustainable thing. Our gifts, talents, and skills, all of these were given to us for us to reach our purpose in life. These will be our materials in realizing and living our respective purposes in life.


What you will learn:

  • How to realize your purpose in life
  • How to handle circumstances that might happen along the way
  • The total surrender of one’s life to God
  • The belief of God as the designer of our lives
  • How to make use of your gifts and talents in life


Dr. Lance Wallnau is a dynamic teacher with a unique and powerful gift of imparting the Word of God. His messages are remembered years afterwards because he captivates his audience by humor, illustrations, drawings and fresh vocabulary which penetrates deep into the heart with incredible authority, clarity, and personal application. His prophetic teaching helps people see a clearer path into transformation. His unique style and humor is designed to keep you smiling so it isn’t too painful when the truth hits home. Such high intensity in the Holy Spirit, accompanied by his pointed, colorful delivery, and use of diagrams and instruments enable him to impact his audiences and clients worldwide. His teaching is an unforgettable experience.


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