Etienne Hardre |How To Move From Brokenness To Greatness

Use your past to not limit you but instead, inspire you!eternalleadership

Our guest today didn’t have a childhood that you would think would launch him into a career as an entrepreneur. Etienne Hadre grew up in a broken home and in poverty. This led to bad choices and resulted in the juvenile justice system.  Etienne ended up in foster care trying to figure out how to become a functioning member of the society again. At 17 he broke free from the system and decided to attend college which was one of his biggest challenges yet.

Deciding to leave everything in the past was difficult and the transition took him years. Something inside him would not  let him back down from a challenge.  He believed he can be bigger and that he can overcome anything holding him back.  He knew that he could contribute to a world that ought to be good, and right , and fair.

I got to start my life from fresh. I got to start brand new. It was like being resurrected.Etienne Hardre

Etienne the took small steps forward to fulfilling his dreams. But it is not without challenges as often nobody would give him a job or  responsibility because of his  past.

Can I get back up after falling? God said to me, “I’ve got this. You’ve got nothing to lose”Etienne Hardre

Etienne approached the past with humility and authenticity so he could share with others his healing process.

I can take on positions of responsibility and authority, God will pave the way for me and He did!Etienne Hardre

God sows passions in our lives, equips us with all that we need to do the things we want to do, as long as they are in alignment with something that’s going to build the Kingdom and edify God.

God did not make us broken. He made us with our skills, and our passions, and our gifts in order to bless the world.Etienne Hardre

Etienne discusses that when we build things on the word of God in a way that is God-honoring, we become a testimony for an unbelieving world and that will lead us to make decisions in our business that are counter-intuitive from the world’s perspective.

Listen in and learn about the process Etienne he did to transition from brokenness to greatness!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to get back up from failing
  • How to overcome the devil’s lie
  • How to become a minister/missionary in the marketplace
  • The process Etienne used to transition from brokenness to greatness
  • Practical tips on how you can apply the process to your own circumstances
  • Why it pays to take risks and have faith


Bio etienne-square

Etienne Hardre is currently the CEO of Locals Barbershop & Salon.  Etienne isn’t one to sit back and rest on his laurels. Instead, he’s always looking at ways he can improve Colorado Springs, the state and the world.

His overarching desire to leave the world a better place than he found it.

Starting out at Biggs Kofford, Hardre went on to form his own accounting firm, Next Exit Advisers. But he soon discovered that he wasn’t content working for himself — he wanted to lead a team to build the best financial models then, together with his team, transform them into killer investor presentations.  He advises start-ups and rapidly growing businesses. He thinks globally, strategically, & creatively, focusing on financials and metrics.


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