Bettina Langerfeldt | The Sleeping Queen: The Divine Awakening of the Entrepreneurial Woman

Discovering the Virtuous Entrepreneur in You

“When the Lord called me to share this message through business, I was quite astonished and I had a lot of trouble reconciling that with my own idea of a calling.Bettina Langerfeldt
 eternal leadership

Our guest in today’s podcast is Bettina Langerfeldt, a transformational catalyst, a thought leader and an entrepreneur. Bettina is a mother who was homeschooling her children when she experienced God’s “calling.” She never thought that the Lord would call her to step outside of her roles in her home and call her into the business world. Bettina met her heroine in the Bible, the virtuous woman she admired and became her inspiration to become a successful female entrepreneur.

Let’s follow her story and discover God’s revelation to her of what true womanhood is!

“I started to feel this pastoral love and care for business people…business people are just as human and have just as many spiritual needs and actually have more struggles than other people.”Bettina Langerfeldt

Bettina knows that the business world can tempt us to pursue the wrong things. If an entrepreneur has issues with his or her identity, he or she can get lost and may be doing things that are not in line with what God wants for him or her. The virtuous woman in the Bible has been her model of what a businesswoman should be.

“He (God) wants us to prosper… but then of course we should not pursue money as an idol or as a god. We should not think that money will give us happiness.Bettina Langerfeldt

Bettina had a struggle with reconciling making money and following her “calling.” She thought that a “calling” is everything that has to do with the church and business was not in line with that. After she discovered what true womanhood is in God’s eyes, she felt she was freed from the traditional stereotype attributed to women–especially in the world of business.

“If you feel you have a calling to the marketplace, you can fully trust the Lord to put the right people in your path at the right time.”Bettina Langerfeldt

If you are a woman reading this, I encourage you to take time to listen to this podcast and be inspired with Bettina’s story, a woman awakened by God to become a virtuous leader in an arena dominated by men.

What You Will Learn:

  • What you have to do for yourself to be ready for business
  • The biggest challenge in becoming a virtuous businesswoman and how to overcome it
  • The concept of true womanhood according to God
  • The obstacles that women face when they are called into either a leadership role in business or being entrepreneurs
  • The importance of reconciling yourself with money
  • What praying can do in discovering your own “calling”
  • How to reconcile financial goals with business but rely on God for everything




BIO eternal leadership

Bettina Langerfeldt is a Transformational Catalyst, Thought Leader and author of the book “The Sleeping Queen”. Since 2007, Bettina has created a successful online business in the Spanish market. Now she’s taking her inspiring message and expertise to Christian women worldwide. Bettina empowers Christian business women to heal their relationship with money so they can build a thriving business by bringing their divine calling into the marketplace while embracing themselves as “Queens” in their business and life.



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