Pat McDaniel | A 5-Step Process To Making Better, More Successful Decisions

Basing Your Decisions On God’s PlanEternal Leadership

You are going to love this great conversation with Pat! I can’t wait to share with you all the great and helpful tips and lessons in this podcast. I believe every one of us can relate to this guy. You will agree with me when I say that not every decision we’ve had made in life is good or the best, and that which gave us the results we are hoping for. Even if we are intentional, decisive, and clear about what we want to happen, things will turn out differently than what we expect when God’s plan comes into play.

Pat McDaniel is an entrepreneur, a digital marketer, a self-proclaimed investigating chirper, and a great example of a person who realized his role versus God’s role in achieving success.

“I’ve learned one thing, life is not linear.”Pat McDaniel

Life was like a seismic wave for Pat.  He learned that it is not like a mathematical equation with a certain formula that will get you the results that you want. You may take all of the same steps someone else has and end up with a completely different outcome. 

In 1994, God showed Pat what kind of heart he has. He discovered that God couldn’t really fully use him until he made some changes.  

“If your impact doesn’t show up on the radar, know that it’s still happening, you just maybe, it’s not turning out the way you wanted to turn out…”Pat McDaniel

Pat shares that if you follow God, it means you follow without conditions. You follow Him before you know you will be successful. God is directing you.  There is no need to tell Him that you will “carry the hill” if only He knows whether or not you will succeed in the end.

“Are there principles that we can follow to make better decisions?”Pat McDaniel

Pat states that there are two basic problems about this: first is the process we follow and second is our perception of facts. He shares how distorted facts affect our decisions, which forms a bias in the choices we make. Pat also gave out his general rule in making better decisions: slow down.

Our podcast for today is full of wisdom regarding the one thing that all of us seem to have a struggle doing – making better and Godly decisions. I encourage you to take a little of your time to listen to this podcast and be renewed on your approach towards decision-making.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why your decisions don’t always give you the outcomes that you want
  • How changes God made in you affect your decision-making ability
  • Your role vs God’s role in success
  • The resources God placed in your life that can help you make better decisions
  • The two basic problems with the principles that we follow in making decisions
  • What we can do to make better decisions
  • How to help other people get a different perspective in making a decision



  • Pat’s Twitter: wise_insights4u
  • E-book: 5 Step Process to Making Better More Successful Decisions

BIO Eternal Leadership

Pat McDaniel is the founder of a website dedicated to helping motivated but weary people keep moving forward by finding the smartest path toward their success.  Pat is passionate about sharing his story about how he kept hitting the wall, got mad, and was eventually ready to change how he made decisions, so that he could be on the right path. Pat has a highly diverse background. He has been a long-time student (made it through the 19th grade) a CPA, a pastor and church planter,  a sales manager, a search engine marketing strategist working in a marketing agency, an entrepreneur who started his own business from scratch, and an author of the Ebook: 5 Step Process to Making Better More Successful Decisions.


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