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Podcast Archive

196Allen Arnold | Are You Acting Out of Love Or Out of Fear?
195Wade Myers | What They Don’t Teach at Harvard Business School
194The 2 Most Important Non-Negotiables in Running a Small Business
193K.M. Weiland | Helping Writers Become Authors
192Chris Schafer | Leadership Lessons From the Special Forces
191Gene Blanton | The Power of Leadership
190Kris Boesch | Culture Works
189Jay Fiset | Mastermind to Millions
188Dave Yarnes | The Three Circle Strategy: An Introduction For A Fulfilling Life
187Robb Holman | Lead The Way: Leading From The Inside Out
186Ford Taylor | Relactional Leadership
185Ted Lowe | Your Best Us
184Dr. Phillip Carson | Functional Medicine
183Os Hillman | 10 Golden Rules For Business Success
182John David Mann | The Recipe
181Bobby Albert | The Power of Values Driven Leadership
180Jeff McManus | Growing Weeders Into Leaders
179Russ Perry | Overcome Addiction And Succeed As An Entrepreneur
178Dr. Juli Slattery | Discover God’s Design For Intimacy And Sexuality
177Jeff Haanen | The Powerful Impact of Faith and Work
176Luke Laffin | Reclaiming Your Core: Restoring the Foundations of Faith
175Peter Dean | Bully-proof Your Workplace
174Kim Avery | Saturating Your Business With Prayer
173Greg Centineo | Understanding The Transformative Concept Of Leadership
172Sharon Spano | Radical Abundance: The Secret To A Meaningful Prosperous Life
171Dean Niewolny | Trade Up: Do You Crave Work That Matters?
170Stacey Brown Randall | The Key To Generating Referrals Without Asking
169Rod Rohm | How To Develop A Discipleship Culture
168Steve Lawton | Head First: A Crash Course On Positivity
167Michael Bungay | The 7 Questions Every Leader Must Learn To Ask
166Lee Colan | Five Coaching Habits of Excellent Leaders
165Stacey Hanke | Influence Redefined
164Adam Bradley | Creating The Leaders Of The Next Generation
163Mark Goblowsky | Finding Strength Through The Struggle
162Lee Caraher |How to Inspire Lifetime Loyalty
161Bryan Chrisman | The Secret Benefit of Giving
160Os Hillman | 6 Stages To Discover, Navigate And Fulfill Your Purpose
159Peter Atherton | How to Create a Massive Impact
158Brian Holmes | How to move from brokenness to greatness
157Major General Daniel York | Finding Peace from the Hidden Battle
156Jim Brangenberg | Our Workplace Is Our Missionfield
155Lolly Daskal | The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You And Your Greatness
154Richard Rierson | Leading Starts With One’s Self
153Cash Matthews | Money Matters–Finally Getting It Right!
152Tommy Spaulding | How To Be A Heart Led Leader
151Dr. Bill Manduca | Shifting from Success to Significance
150Tracy Goodwin | Speak Your Truth and Get Others to Listen
149Jay Coughlan | Five Bold Choices That Will Change Your Life
148Michael Marx | Finding the Courage to Blaze New Trails
147David Sanderson | The Key To Leading In Uncertain Times
146Pat McDaniel | A 5-Step Process To Making Better, More Successful Decisions
145Bettina Langerfeldt | The Sleeping Queen: The Divine Awakening of the Entrepreneurial Woman
144Josh Spodek | Leadership Step By Step
143Mandy Arioto | Starry-Eyed: Seeing Grace in the Unfolding Constellation of Life and Motherhood
142Jeff Rogers | The Key To Leaving A Lasting Legacy
141Etienne Hardre |How To Move From Brokenness To Greatness
140Dr. Sharon Livingston | Finding Faith In The Valley
139Kathy Fettke | The Key to Creating True Wealth
138Chris McIntire | Massive Impact on Thousands: A case study in living Beyond Influence
138Chris McIntire | Massive Impact on Thousands: A case study in living Beyond Influence
137Waldo Waldman | Never Fly Solo
136Randy Kenworthy | The 3 Keys To Entrepreneurial Success
135Jeff Spadafora | The Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose, and Balance
133Jason Treu | Build Your Social Wealth
132Jim Palmer | Create Your Dream Business
131PJ Jonas | Blessed with Success
130Leon Fontaine | The Spirit Contemporary Life
129Craig Ballantyne | Slow Down To Speed Up
128Dr. James Dobson | Life After the Valley Part 2
127Dr. James Dobson | Life After the Valley Part 1
126John Ramstead | Discover Your Core Values
125John Ramstead | 4 Mindsets Every Leader Must Master
124Brad Lomenick | The Now And Next Of Leadership
123Guy Rodgers | Understanding Gods’ Wisdom In Our Lives
122Tom Helling | Find Your Quiet Place and Obey God’s Call
121The Healing Power of Forgiveness
120Lance Wallnau: Passion towards Purpose
119Stan Bullis | Building Extraordinary Cultures
118Steve Fedyski | Your Identity: The Key To Success
117John Ramstead | Beyond Influence – Ignite Your Life and Legacy
116Ford Taylor | Remove Constraints and Empower Yourself to Lead
115Alex Charfen | 5 Characteristics of The Entrepreneurial Personality Type
114Mark Willis | Climbing to Your Highest Self
113Kevin Knebl | High-Tech/ High- Touch Relationships
112T Harv Eker | The Success Mindset
111Bob Tiede | Great Leaders Ask Great Questions
110Peter Greer | Clarifying Your Mission – 40/40 Vision
109Steven Furtick | (Un) Qualified: How God Uses Broken People To Do Big Things
108Rory Vaden | Procrastinate On Purpose
107Coaches Corner with John Murphy
106Michael Port | Is Your Desire Greater Than Your Fear?
105Brad Lomenick | Master Leadership, Be Humble, Become A Change Maker
104Diane Gardner | Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me That?
103Joe Callaway|Magnetic- The Art of Attracting Business
102Darren Shearer | The Power of the Marketplace Christian
101Matt Heard | Keys To Living A Full Life
100Episode 100! Lance Wallnau | Boldly Pursue Your Calling With Courage
99Thomas Gay | High Touch In A High Tech World (CEO of Refer.com)
98Darryl Lyons | A Faith-Based Approach For The Ambitious Entrepreneur
97Terence Chatmon | Your Most Valuable Asset
96Nora A’Bell | Are You Ready To Discover The Greatness Within?
95Coaches Corner with Geo Roberts
94Steve Haynes | Your Workplace Can Be Your Mission Field
93Greg McKeown | Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less
92Jeff Gott | Who else wants clarity of purpose and joy?
91The Entitlement Cure
90You Were Created On Purpose. For A Purpose.
89Tina Marie Griffin | A Counter Culture Way To Raise Great Kids
88Aaron Walker | Live a Successful AND Significant Life
87Chris McCluskey | Who Else Wants To Accelerate Their Results?
86Bruce Van Horn | The One Key To Running The Race Well
85Kim Avery | God, Why Is This So Hard?
84Rich Marshall | How To Become An EPIC Leader
83Os Hillman | Keys To Becoming A Kingdom Entrepreneur
82Bob Biehl | Stop Setting Goals
81Seth Williams | Extraordinary Leaders Have This One Trait In Common
80Garris Elkins | Develop margin even if you don’t have time
79Mike McCausland | The only way to solve a problem without creating a mess
78Jeff Goins | What If You Knew Your Life Purpose?
77Cheryl Scanlan | The Refiner’s Fire
76Jared Easley | Are You Feeding Your Doubts?
75Scott Boyer | A New Business Model For Kingdom Impact
74Gary Wood | A Powerful Model For The Clarity You Seek
73Chad Hall | The Power Of NO
72Sandra Crawford Williamson | Why Are Working Women Unplugging From Their Churches?
71Dave Sanderson | Leaders Are Last – Surviving The ‘Miracle On The Hudson’
70Joel Boggess | Action Brings Clarity
69Dean Miles | Coaches Corner – Great Leaders Start As Great Followers
68Joel Louis | Is Life Balance a Myth?
67Andy Mason | Forgiving The Church
66Amy Everette | Transformation
65Alan Pratt | Why It Really Is Better To Give Than Receive
64Jamie Gilbert | Defeating The Lions In Your Life
Mini EpisodeI Am A Child Of The King - Affirmation
63Paul McGinnis | God Said “Go!” So I Did!
62Dondi Scumaci | Designed For Success
61Brian Watson | Making an Impact Where You Are
60General Jerry Boykin | The Courage To Lead
59Coaches Corner with John Garfield
58Darryl Lyons | A Faith Based Guide For Entrepreneurs
57Jeff Rogers | Your Vocation Should Be Your Calling
56Cheryl Bachelder | Dare To Serve!
55Richard Rierson | To Lead Others, Learn to Lead Yourself First
54Dean Patino | Keys To Igniting Your Life
53Dorie Clark | Develop A Breakthrough Idea
52Stephen De Silva | A Paradigm Shift For Prosperity
51Don Ankenbrandt | 3 Steps To Find Your Life Mission
50What We Learned From Interview 50 Thought Leaders
49Lance Wallnau | Doing Business Supernaturally
48John Garfield | Releasing Kings
47Sandra Crawford Williamson | What 9/11 Taught Me
46Frank Gustafson | Key Ingredients to Success
45Tommy Spaulding | Developing Relationships That Rock!
44Steve Reiter | Out Of The Wilderness
43Coaches Corner with Lori Schofer
42Andy Mason | A Dream So Big It Scares You
41Diane Paddison | Achieve Your God-Given Potential
40Bob Burg | Succeed By Providing Value To Others
39Eric Lind | Restoration & Redemption
38Becca Greenwood | Breaking Through Strongholds
Mini EpisodeCharacteristics of a Leader
37Lloyd Reeb | Success To Significance
36Kevin Adams | How To Weather The Storms
Mini EpisodePower of a Vision
35Coaches Corner with Russel Verhey – Leadership Coach
34Marilyn Tam | Finding Your Purpose
33Michael Scott | Do You Believe?
32Doug Napier | Do’s and Don’ts of Faith in the Workplace
31Lance Wallnau | Unite Your Purpose With Your Plan – Part 2
30Lance Wallnau | Unite Your Purpose With Your Plan – Part 1
29Rory Vaden | Procrastinate On Purpose
28Stephen McGhee | Limitless Leadership
27Ken Blanchard | Refire Your Life & Leaderhship
26Michele Cushatt | Undone
25Coaches Corner with Dr. Michael Marx
24Michael Franzese | Godfather to “God The Father”
23Fran LaMattina | Emotional Intelligence Traits of Effective Leaders
22Daniel Henderson | The Deeper Life
21Dennis Trittin – Raising Up Next Gen Leaders
20Mark Sanborn | The Most Important Question
19Dean Niewolny – Find Your Passion, Find Your Calling
18Coaches Corner with Stephen McGhee – Expert Leadership Coach
17Jerry Anderson | Principles That Create Global Influence
16Judy Robinett | How to Be a Power Connector
15Ford Taylor | From Brokenness to Transformational Leadership
14Coaches Corner with Michael Pfau – Leadership Coach
13Jeff Spadafora | Finally Fulfilled – From Smoldering Discontent to Lasting Joy
12Andy Mason | Transform Your Business by Building Champions
11Ken Eldred | Silicon Valley Entrepreneur of the Year on Perfect Alignment
10Tim Brown | Victory Over Depression!
9Dan Meylan | A Business Plan for Kingdom Impact
8Cliff Ravenscraft | Find Your Calling and Achieve Your Dreams!
7Coaches Corner with Jeff Spadafora of The Halftime Institute
6Kevin Knebl | How to Create Massive Success
5Peter Wagner | Business or Faith, Must I Choose?
4Amy Everette | One Thing for Powerful Business Breakthroughs
3Steve Haynes | From National Security Advisor to Founder of Faith@Work
2John Ramstead | From Tragedy to Triumph
1Matt Heard | Living a life of true significance
IntroEternal Leadership Podcast Introduction
Eternal Leadership Newsletter Halftime

Halftime bookWe are excited to announce that we have partnered with the Halftime Institute!

If you are at the place where you would like to move from success to significance click here to get a copy of this book for free.  

This book is one of the most transformational books I have ever read - John Ramstead



John Ramstead

I have been married for 25 years to my best friend and together we have three incredible boys.  It has been three years since a near fatal accident changed the trajectory of my life.  Without the incredible support of God, my family and amazing friends I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

As I recovered I sought direction on why God saved me and what He now wants me to do.  He led me to a new calling: take the life He’s given me and pour it into other leaders to equip and inspire them to work in His Kingdom.

My twenty-five years as a Navy fighter pilot, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member and board chair has led me to serve others towards extraordinary lives, businesses and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Steve Reiter

After working 15 years for Dr. James Dobson at Focus on the Family and Family Talk as his audio production manager and chief audio engineer, in 2012 Steve made a career move to financial services.

He currently works for Precision Wealth Management in Colorado Springs and has also been accepted to Fuller Theological Seminary in their Masters of Christian Leadership program.

Ever since leaving radio, numerous people told have him, “Steve, God’s not done with you in radio or media” and Eternal Leadership is the perfect blend of the old career and new one.  Steve has been married since 2001 to Elizabeth and they have two boys (8 & 10).